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#include <Fort_Boastt.h>  // The main inheritance file 
#include <room.h>  // This is needed for the support of the commands below, and also includes terrains.h  man room for more.
inherit Fort_Boastt_Definition("Map_Area_Base");  // Loads in all of the info from the Map_Area_Base definition
void configure() {
   set_map_feature_name("earth"); // Needs to be the same as the file name
   set_map_feature_summary("the depths of the earth");  // This sets the short depiction.  Needs to fit the phrase "So-and-so is incarnate and located in <set_map_feature_summary>."
   add_map_feature_terrain(Terrain_Underground);  // Sets the terrain, which feeds in info about the area, such as fieldcraft skills, what can be foraged, etc.  man terrain for more
   set_map_feature_access("tunnel");  // sets how this area can be traversed.  defaults to walk
   set_map_feature_exposure(Exposure_None);  // sets the exposure.  this interacts with the weather daemon to provide sky messages, light exposure, and homing abilities for Shifters and Hawkmen.  Not setting this correctly can mess things up.
   add_map_feature_realm("Fort_Boastt_Earth");  // This is used in the control.c daemon for populating the area and NPC movement.
   set_map_feature_visualize("{{brown}e}");  // This is the icon presented on a panoramicon or map ability.  This can be shared with other definitions.
   set_map_feature_specify("e");  // This is the icon used in the map.conf file.  It must be unique.
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