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 ==[====--  The Battle Standard
 An important part of your presence on the field of war is your battle
 standard.  This banner bears your arms atop a pole, providing your
 forces with a rallying point and the knowledge that their commander
 holds firm.  This provides important tactical and morale benefits.
 You can, if you wish, carry your battle standard yourself, but the
 task is usually best performed by a yeoman (who, while holding your
 banner, is referred to as your bannerman).  The standard-bearer (or
 "vexillarius", for Altrian classicists) should hold the standard
 rather than wielding it, as striking opponents with it will damage
 it, obviously, and a ragged, worn standard is less effective.  Fully
 defensive combat tactics are further recommended for the bannerman;
 his role is dangerous, and it is generally best if he devotes his
 attention to staying alive while those inspired by the standard he
 carries defeat the foe.
 To receive your battle standard, visit the vexillarium of Castle
 Camelot and request it from the vexillarist there.  Only full Knights
 are entitled to standards, of course.  The vexillarist can also
 repair battle-damaged standards.
 The vexillarist will normally refuse to make you a second standard
 if you already possess one, though it is possible to obtain more than
 one, such as by losing one's standard in combat, sufficient time
 passing that it must be considered irretrievable, having a replacement
 created, and then managing to suffessfully recapture the original one.
 If you should find yourself in possession of more than one battle
 standard, it is not recommended that you attempt to use more than one
 at a time, since this simply confuses one's troops and, in the end,
 provides less benefit than a single standard would have.
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