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Rarity: Very Rare
Plural: Beelzebugs
Collective Term: a blight of beelzebugs
Anatomy: Winged Insectoid
Sexes: Neuter
Harm Skills:
    Insect Lore  80%
    Anatomy      20%

No specific help is available for this race.

Development Information: The beelzebug race was created by Chaos and Malverius and is maintained by Lost Souls.

This creature appears to be a monstrously huge mosquito covered in black chitin. Horn-like excrescences protrude from its head, over its red compound eyes. Its obscenely flexible proboscis hangs from the underside of its head, its tip looking jagged and serrated. It looks about one and four fifths dimins long, five and seven twentieths dimins wide and ten and a half dimins tall.


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