Bilga Zauggi-bok

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This is a female ogre with mottled blue-gray skin, blue-gray hair, and
dark green eyes.  She is extremely old with wrinkles covering her entire body
in thick, tight folds.  Muscles ripple across bare fore-arms, and her hands
seem to glow occasionally with a haze of energy.  Her head is completely
bereft of any hair that isnt standing on end, and her face is blotched with
liver spots.  Her swamp-coloured eyes roll independant of each other and seem
unable to focus completely on anything.  
    She looks about twenty-seven dimins tall, nine and nine tenths dimins
wide, and two and nine twentieths dimins front to back.  
    She is in good shape.  
    She wields a giant black oak staff in her hands.  She wears a huge gray
wolf fur hide skirt on her legs, a huge black-spotted yellow leopard fur hide
right boot on her right foot, a huge black-spotted yellow cheetah fur hide
left boot on her left foot, a huge black sekh fur hide shirt on her upper
body, a huge brown moose fur hide cap on her head, and a huge black-spotted
brown lynx fur hide belt around her waist.  She has a huge bone fragment in
her ear.
Elder Bilga asserts, |*| Ogre trash is ogre treasure. |*| in Angrak.
Elder Bilga asserts, |*| Trash, trash, trash, trash, trash... |*|
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