Black Skull

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    This is the skull of some unfortunate humanoid creature.  The ancient bone is entirely black. 
There are several lines deeply etched into its forehead.  
    It looks about one and two fifths dimins across.  It weighs about one and three fifths dekans.
    Keeping the black skull costs ten keep points.  The black skull was created by Chaos; the
source code was last updated Sun Apr 10 23:05:57 2016.  The material bone was created by Lost
Souls; the source code was last updated Tue Mar 15 02:18:40 2016.
    After a moment, the knowledge that the black skull is composed of fifty-nine percent bone,
twenty-nine percent negarax, and twelve percent qlippotam drifts into your mind like a
long-forgotten memory.

Of use for Reapers.

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