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This form was most famously used by Lacrimae Rerum, a group of Aligned who became reclusive and monk-like, running an abbey of sorts, where their main scholary and meditative pursuit was botany. The form manifests a chrysanthemum that serves as a focus and an amplifier for the energy centers known as chakras. Touching it to one's chakras will cause it to drain some of that chakra's energy into itself, which then serves as a spiritual resonator that increases one's overall ability to hold energy in that type of chakra. This can be used to leverage chakras to levels normally unreachable and achieve such wonderous effects as flight or extrasensory vision. The more chakra energy one channels into one of these flowers, the more effective it is at serving as a spiritual resonator. Be warned that changing the type of chakra the flower is attuned to will disappate its energy reserves; the energy of one chakra is not suitable for resonance with another.

Additionally, and even more strangely, these flowers can be incorporated into martial arts. While they make poor weapons, their spiritual properties allow them to inflict a variety of more esoteric harms upon an opponent. This can be useful when faced with creatures that resist more normal forms of attack. Moreover, having one held will enable one to manifest halos of energy around one's opponent, though doing so drains it of chakra energy. It is in this manner that the Lacrimae Rerum defended themselves from the undead of the lich Kamubo.

All of a blossom's effects are dependent upon holding it (it is not sufficient to merely have it in one's inventory).

Keeping the blossom manifest gradually drains one's order energy. To dispel the blossom, execute the same procedure required to manifest it.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 200 points among

plant lore skill and biology skill

Facility Formula

20% of attunement level plus 25% of lexiturgy skill plus 25% of floraphrasty skill plus 25% of plant lore skill plus 25% of enchantment skill

Facility Range

136 to 390

Energy Costs

200 spiritual

Process to Actualize

visualize my bodily form as composed of a series of calyces from which corolle will emerge

Damage Types

Chakra Flower Damage Type Components
Manipura sunflower sunfire air, extropy, fire, goetia
Kalila chaotic rose starfire chaos, extropy, fire
Padme blue star morning glory crystallization earth, extropy, order
Anahata green crocus solid song air, crushing, extropy, order, water
Vishuddha blue lotus shadow shadow
Muladhara red poppy earth earth
Svadhisthana orange cherry blossom ghostfire fire, spirit
Sahasrara violet lotus rainbow air, chaos, extropy, fire, water
Ajna indigo orchid polychromatic lightning air, chaos, extropy
Ka verdant snapdragon time time
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