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Class: Scholarly Skills
Attribute: Intellect
Pedagogy: Intellectual
Knowledge of the nature, properties, uses and identification of the plant
life of Lost Souls. Encompassing as it does the knowledge of various medicinal
herbs, this skill aids in ministering to wounds where such herbs can be found.
Development Information: The plant lore skill was created by Chaos;
the source code was last updated Thu May 24 09:24:10 2007.
See Also: treat, First Aid


Wandering: Damon
At'lordrith's Cave: At'lordrith
Avalon: Bercilak
Hanoma: Olaris Wanders
Losthaven: Miss Amelia
Sseraka: Sscantha
Valathyr: Lothuial
yathryn: Miss Chalosia
Association required:
Guild required:
Aisenshi: Musashi
Coven: Halea
Verynvelyrae: Sirinil
Quest required
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