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Command: Treat

General-Use Command
Usage: treat myself | <person> | <person>'s <limb> | my <limb>

The treat command allows you to give medical attention to wounds. You can select an individual limb to treat, or simply treat the individual, which will result in treating all of that person's wounded limbs. Once a limb has been treated, it cannot be treated again unless it is wounded again. Treatment depends mainly on one's abilities in first aid, though many other skills come into play: a fieldcraft skill for one's environment is helpful, and plant lore is especially useful for gathering medicinal herbs in appropriate terrain; chirurgery is a significant aid when dealing with disabled limbs; knowledge of anatomy is helpful, especially as an aid to chirurgery. Be warned that sometimes treatment attempts can do more harm than good, especially with less-skilled practitioners.

Development Information: The treat command was created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Wed Feb 14 07:47:41 2007.
See Also: first aid, chirurgery, anatomy, plant lore
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