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  • Location: Darking Bog
  • Occupation: Mad Prophet of Yo
  • Look

This is a male boglin with brown skin and dark gray eyes. You know him to be Blurb of Darking Bog, known as the Mad Prophet of Yo. Once, he was a lowly disciple of the Master of Yo; then, one day, everything changed. Blurb was suddenly possessed with a maniacal urge to create the ultimate yo-yo, and moreover was invested with incredible skill for so doing, as well as the uncanny ability to find ludicrously rare raw materials for the project. Those who know anything about the whole sordid business generally agree that Eris was wielding a rather heavy hand in terms of divine inspiration, there. After Blurb completed his great project, the artifact dubbed Whammo, the force driving him seems to have had no further use for him, though he still bears the potent effects of its influence, and he has taken to wandering aimlessly, spouting what may be mind-bending insights granted by his brush with transcendence or may be utter lunacy. He has a tracery of sparkling light within and around him. He is doing a 'Milk the Cow' with the yellow-sinew-cord-wrapped bright blue granite yo-yo in his left hand and is doing a 'Clione' with the gray-sinew-cord-wrapped ruby granite yo-yo in his right hand. He looks about thirteen dimins tall, three and seven twentieths dimins wide, and seventeen twentieths of a dimin front to back.

  • Notes
    • Crazy as hell.
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