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[03:46] [OOC Kinass] Ah, a reboot. So Brawn and Hypnotiq's equipment have been
[03:46] [OOC Substance nods]
[03:47] [OOC Substance] the phylactery of stars was only hard to come by piece
in hypnotiq's inventory
[03:47] [OOC Fezzik] We learn from history that we do not learn anything from
[03:47] [OOC Surgin] and i have a few extra somewhere
[03:47] [OOC Kinass] Brawn had quite a few important pieces in his inventory.
[03:47] [OOC Surgin] the armour set mostly on brawn
[03:47] [OOC Substance] you killed brawn?
[03:47] [OOC Kinass] Yes.
[03:47] [OOC Surgin] afk rager isn't much of a fight
[03:47] [OOC Fezzik] It's that SPECIAL kind of ultraviolet light... you know,
the kind that doesn't travel at the speed of light.
[03:47] [OOC Substance boggles]
[03:48] [OOC Substance ahhs]
[03:48] [OOC Kinass] He attempted to kill me with Slugworth after talking to
me as Brawn.
[03:49] [OOC Kinass] Quite boring here tonight. Nothing but xp grinding.
[03:50] [OOC Surgin] oh, you do some leveling after all
[03:50] [OOC Joku] I have done enough leveling.
[03:50] [OOC Substance chuckles]
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