Braggart Corner/Zia vs. sand worm

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You connect precisely and massively irradiate the sand worm's mouth with your
black entropy scythe, though it resists the attack somewhat.
The green glow from the male drow's brightly green-glowing bluish metal
armblade pulses as it strikes.
The sand worm dies.
You feel a sensation as of vistas of experience opening before you, and are
filled with an ineffable lust for life.
The male drow sacrifices some remains to the sun-god Apollo.
The dark-gray-skinned male troll says, >>> I'm going to whack you upside the
head now. <<< in gutturally-accented Anglic.
The dark-gray-skinned male troll tries to whack the male drow with his right
You laugh.
The male drow states, 'that was so damn habit i didn't even try' in sibilant
The dark-gray-skinned male troll says, >>> that whole ordeal was so I could
skin the damn thing. <<< in gutturally-accented Anglic.
The male drow begins resting.
Zia falls down laughing.
The male drow states, 'lol fingers just hit it without even thinking'
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