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You examine your brahmanda-prakasa through your clear glass lens of analysis:

   This is a luminous star-filled yellow aura.  You recognize it as a brahmanda-prakasa, a field of energy that mystically reflects 
the origins of cosmoi -- this cosmos and innumerable others -- enveloping the possessor of the aura and serving to protect and 
empower hir, especially with respect to traveling through the many divergent spaces of the universe.  It appears to be composed of a 
webwork of auroric radiance.  It is in perfect condition.  It is colossal in size, and looks just about right to fit you.  It looks 
about twenty dimins tall, about six dimins wide, about two dimins long, and less than a twentieth of a dimin thick.  It weighs about 
two thousand one hundred eighty-nine twenty-thousandths of a dekan.  It is giving off light.
   After a moment, the knowledge that the brahmanda-prakasa is composed entirely of dweomer drifts into your mind like a 
 long-forgotten memory.
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