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Caern Argnash is a small Garou settlement situated in a forest clearing at (-9, -14, 0) in Calais. The settlement is merely a collection of huts sheltered by the surrounding forest, but it does offer such amenities as an Adventurer's Guild hall, a trading post, and a hut where aspiring adventurers can train with Eldest Ruggsh. The Garou here speak Ragarr, and are friendly if you do not disturb the peace.



Losthaven to Caern Argnash:

go 15w, 10nw, 7w, 4wu, 8w, 4wd, 21w
go 21e, 4eu, 8e, 4ed, 7e, 10se, 15e


Caern Argnash is located at (-9, -14, 0) in Calais (Global: (-90, 67, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

Notable Attractions

  • Statue:
There is a wooden statue of a giant wolf in the caern's center.
Carved from a living tree, this is a magnificent depiction of a huge wolf. It has a deep chest, long teeth, and a keen eye.
A sense of cunning majesty radiates from it. The garou of Caern Argnash turn to this totem as their spiritual guide and
protector. It looks about two hundred dimins long, fifty-five dimins wide, and eighty dimins tall.
  • There is a path to a forest at the west end of the caern. The forest contains deer and wolves that you can kill for battle experience.


  • City alignment: neutral
  • Guards assist:
End of spoiler information.


Caern Argnash by Kenobi

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