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Clear Caption

Usage: clear caption

  • Clears your caption.

See Also: set caption, show caption

Set Caption

Usage: set caption to <pattern>

  • Sets the 'caption', or display format, which is used when showing your character in listings such as 'who'. You must be level 6 or higher to use this setting. You can use various special markers to designate where information about your character should appear in your caption:
   %n   Your full name
   %N   Your short description
   %g   Your guild title (e.g. "ELF Guerrilla")
   %G   The name of your guild (e.g. "the Erisian Liberation Front")
   %h   Your honorific, if any.
   %t   Your title, if any.
   %%   This will display as a single '%'.
  • For example, 'set caption to the chosen of Eris' would make Aria's caption 'Aria the Chosen of Eris'. Alternately, she could do 'set caption to The Chosen of Eris, %n' to make her caption 'The Chosen of Eris, Aria'.
  • Color controls may be used in captions; see 'help color'. Example: 'set caption to {{purple}%n}

See Also: show caption, clear caption

Show Caption

Usage: show caption

  • Shows your current caption.

See Also: set caption, clear caption

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