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A few wild talents convey advanced telepathic faculties; the abilities granted by such faculties are collected here.



Seeking Contact at Range

  • Command: concentrate on seeking to establish a [stealthy|blatant] (friendly|neutral|hostile) psychic contact with <target>
  • Requirement: Do not have an existing outbound contact with the target
  • Effect: Attempt to create a psychic contact with a target not in the same room
  • Facility: inherited from basic telepathy's Initiate Contact

Reciprocating Contact

Help File

  Advanced telepaths have the ability to create and maintain telepathic
contacts, either with those already in telepathic contact with you or 
through seeking out a mind at range.  Searching for a mind telepathically 
is a prolonged meditative process, where direct establishment via an 
existing contact is simpler and easier.
  The difficulty of seeking out a mind at a distance is entirely determined
by your familiarity with that mind.  You must have some level of familiarity 
to even attempt the operation, or you simply have no idea what to look for.  
Once the mind sought has been found, the actual process of establishing 
contact is controlled by the factors described in 'help basic telepathy'.
  To establish a reciprocal contact using a telepathic contact someone else has
established with you, first make that contact your active contact as described
in 'help basic telepathy', then concentrate on establishing the desired type
of contact reciprocally.  For example, to use an existing contact to establish
a stealthy hostile contact of your own, concentrate on establishing a stealthy
hostile psychic contact reciprocally.  You cannot, and do not need to, specify
the name of the person on the other end of the contact when doing this; you
are finding your target using your active contact.
  To seek a mind at range, concentrate on seeking to establish the contact you
wish; e.g. to contact your friend Anna in a distant city, with no concern for
stealth, concentrate on seeking to establish a blatant friendly psychic contact
with Anna.
  Maintaining multiple telepathic contacts, while still a matter of escalating
difficulty, is much easier for advanced telepaths than for basic telepaths.

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