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Somehow I have been helmed as driving force behind regional expansion and 3d mappings. To that end, I have several directions I can go in as far as active development. The mapping of Almeria into a 3d realm won't be happening for a while due to many issues involved with the server, lag, players bitching about the lag, and the fact that most other areas connect to Almeria, so I am basically running a duplication of everything on the mud while setting it up. While I am fixing those issues, I can start on a smaller project with a completely different flavour. I am not going to do either Amber or the Courts, since I think both are already claimed by far superior talent. What I can do would be something like an Oriental themed area to flesh out more of the Hanoma/Nihon aspect, or an Arabian themed area, a swamp themed area, a small moon, a cave expansion for the Underdark, an elven wooded glade, a tropical island somewhere, an underwater realm, the Plane of Fire, an expansion of the frozen north, the Plane of Negative Energy with all of its undeath, a desert continent like Tyr from the Dark Sun setting, an island chain similar to Earth Sea, a large island like Jurassic Park, a peninsula region like the Roman Empire, and Egyptian desert....there is a lot that can be added. Anyone have any input before I create another region that is 'completely useless'?--Bladestorm 14:29, 27 March 2009 (EDT)

Plane of negative energy. If you could fit in the undeath updates you were talking about a while back at the same time, it would be completely cool. --Esmene 17:03, 27 March 2009 (EDT)

I would love to see (not on your list) a desert homeland for the various insect-based races, either in and around the Gap (hives built extending down into the crevice) or in a desert area on one of the new continents. If on a new desert continent, the area could also include several of your suggested areas: Egyptian, Arabian, etc. You could also do a desert based tribe to compete with Spearmaidens, sandmages, (glass shards, sandstorms and the like) and a bunch of other stuff. -- Kabal 01:18, 28 March 2009 (EDT)

I have to admit I've wanted to see some hives for insect races at some point but the other areas sound neat to. This may fit in well to the chasm, but we might be waiting on the Almeria 3D update for this. I would be curious to know what we need to make Almeria 3D a reality or if it isn't possible with our current server for some time to come.

I do have plans for a large desert continent, which may be a while in the making. I have a few smaller plans to flush out first, but I may be able to accommodate the desert. My initial question was about the large-scale regions, and the responses came across as areas, but I may be able to do something with the idea. I'll have a separate wiki page for that discussion, since there is obvious interest in a desert region, and many possibilities that can be used there.

In the mean time, are there any other responses?--Bladestorm 10:45, 6 April 2009 (EDT)

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