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   The Chaktrullja Race

   Rarity: Very Rare
   Plural: Chaktrulljai
   Anatomy: Anthropoid
   Sexes: Male, Female
   Harm Skills:
       Anatomy       38%
       Empathy       26%
       Intimidation  26%
       Torture       10%

Chaktrulljai, or ice trolls to those who wish to insult them, are a derivative of standard trullja stock, though the exact origins are unclear. One account has it that their current icy state is a result of a curse placed upon them by a trickster god of the north, while another account attributes their appearance to interbreeding with hrimthurs, commonly known as frost giants. Still others consider the chaktrullja's appearance to a natural development to live in the frigid north, though this theory conflicts with some of the origin theories of yeti, with whom the chaktrulljai compete for food and territory.

In appearance, chaktrulljai look to be nothing more than a colour variation of a normal trullja. They share similar builds, physical capabilities and temperaments, but chaktrulljai have an added ability to withstand extreme cold. This affinity for the cold has allowed the chaktrulljai to inhabit locales that would freeze other trulljai, much to the chagrin of many northen tribes.

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