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Communication Channels

Communication channels allow you to communicate with a given group of people quickly and easily. To list any channels you have access to, type 'show channels'. Note that among these channels will be the emergency and devhelp channels; read 'help emergency' and 'help devhelp' for information.

Commands you may use on a channel are:

   <command>            List the people on the channel.
   <command> <text>     Broadcast 'text' to people listening.
   <command> :<text>    Emote 'text' to people listening.
   <command> -          Block the channel; stop listening.
   <command> +          Go back on the channel if blocked.
   <command> ^          Displays the recent channel history.

See also: show channel history, show channel listing, start blocking channel, stop blocking channel, start ignoring, stop ignoring

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