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    The Chicken Race

    Rarity: Very Common
    Plural: Chickens
    Collective Term: a peep of chickens
    Anatomy: Avian
    Sexes: Male, Female
    Harm Skills:
        Animal Lore  44%
        Farming      44%
        Anatomy      11%

    No specific help is available for this race.
    Development Information: The chicken race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last
updated Tue Mar 15 02:22:02 2016.

Chickens are small, oviparous (usually) flightless birds who are a common domesticated animal.

In Lost Souls, perhaps because of the influence of Hakkax, chickens are often spotted in their giant variety. At their enhanced size, their squawks can create damaging sonic frequencies, and their large beaks and claws can cause adequate combat damage. Additionally, their enhanced size seems to enable them to fly, and they can actually be mounted... those who are willing to be seen riding a flying chicken.

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