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Nizari are a relatively secretive lot, and Coma is no different. What is known is that she is among Kali's most gifted assassins and skilled in several varieties of psionic arts.

A striking physical specimen, Coma is a lithe tuatha woman with rainbow-coloured skin and hair that shimmers in the light like a prism. While this might normally be seen as an obstacle for a stealthy Nizari, Coma is able to hide herself from view with the power of her mind, revealing herself to her victims only when surprise has already been achieved.

While Coma's origins and the majority of her history remain a mystery, her skill with a blade, reflexes, and speed are unmatched by nearly any other mortal being.

When not on assignment, Coma is generally quite approachable and helpful to other denizens of Lost Souls.

I basically started Coma to see what this new Nizari guild was all about, and have stuck with her since then. She's gone from level 1 to level 100whatever as a tuatha Nizari, and barring catastrophe should stay there.

One day, I hope to kill Finwe solo! Right now, it's not even close to happening, haha.

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