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Since I (Mystic) have been removed from the development team this project has been cancelled.

This is a POC project run by Mystic to try promote further community involvement. The development will be directed by voting on polls which are planned to have a week duration. The results of each poll will be recorded here along with links to any current polls. Initially this will be done outside the game, and if it is successful then new content will be created in game to track future projects.

Current Community Poll

Poll 4:

Project 1 History : POC Process : Create New Single Item

Poll 1 : What kind of item will be created? (1) Armour (2) Weapon (3) Accessory

Result 1 : Accessory!

Poll 2 : How will the accessory be used? (1) Wearable (2) Consumable (3) Usable

Result 2 : Usable!

Poll 3 : Lore I - When was this accessory created or discovered? (1) Prehistory (2) Istax Empire or Bubasti Kingdom (3) Altrian Empire (4) Modern Age

Result 3 : Istax Empire or Bubasti Kingdom

Poll 4 : Lore II - Which faction was it that created this ancient item? (1) Istax Empire (2) Rival faction (3) Non-prime plane

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