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-- Hank's Garbage Thondur Help --
[ Button Name              :  Compact Garbage                              ]
[ Button Description       :  Litter and garbage compaction                ]
[ Button Color             :  Black                                        ]
[ Button Shape             :  Trashcan                                     ]
[ Garbology Skill          :  One                                          ]
[ Ooze Affinity            :  Zero                                         ]
[ Energy Costs             :  fifteen spiritual energy and five endurance  ]
[ Tokens Required          :  Zero                                         ]

[ Button Information ]

[ Your portable litter disposal unit was designed primarily for this purpose. Pressing the black button will compact all litter inside into a single token which can be turned into Hank. See 'help tokens' for more information on them. The process only takes a few seconds and empties the unit for more litter. The unit will not activate until there is sufficient litter to generate this token so do not be discouraged if it fails the first time, simply collect more litter and try again. ]

Hank's Garbage Thondur

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