Conjure Tetrakolumbos (Empathic Bonds)

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This charm summons a very powerful angelic animal. These are considered followers, and will provide additional damage in combat; also they provide protection by succoring the consort from enemies. They can be kept, and use the "Animals" keep capacity. They accept commands, although their comprehension of anglic is not perfect, and can fly.

With higher albimancy skill(?), multiple tetrakolumboi can be summoned. The level of the summoned tetrakolumbos is around 15.

Your familiar must be alive and present in your environment for this charm to work.

This charm costs 200 points of holy resource energy to activate.

NB: If "tetrakolumbos" is onerous to type, they also answer to "bird".

Description of the Tetrakolumbos

This is is a roughly four-winged bird composed of solid azure kedusham, that is otherwise similar in form to a dove or 
pigeon.  These creatures are called tetrakolumboi, and are thought to be a spirit associated with Yehovah.  They appear 
especially frequently in ancient stories as his aids or bearers of his omens.  She appears to be composed of a few thin 
wisps of white light.  She has a few thin wisps of sparkling light within and around her.
She looks about half a dimin long, seven twentieths of a dimin wide and half a dimin tall.  


concentrate on summoning a tetrakolumbos

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