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Command: Succor

   General-Use Command
   Usage: succor <person>

This command enables you to step in front of another person to shield them from harm in combat. All attacks that were being directed against them will switch over to you. This is very useful for groups and adventuring companies. Your ability to make use of this command depends on your overall combat ability relative to the apparent combat ability and intimidation skill of the attackers you would be taking on, as modified by your courage and discipline. Note that this also means that the higher your own intimidation skill is, the harder it is for opponents to muster the courage to succor each other against you. When you are commanded to succor someone (for example, with a verbal command from a group or adventuring company leader), their leadership and your subordination also contribute to your ability to succor.

Development Information: The succor command was created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Wed Feb 14 07:47:41 2007.

See Also: courage, discipline, intimidation

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