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All players on Lost Souls must agree to the following prior to being able to interact with the world. They must certify that they wish to, and it is legal for them, to view Lost Souls content.

Content: Emphasis

Lost Souls' is a diverse fantasy-world setting that contains (and whose players and developers routinely use) explicit language. We do not presently have any adult content, but we reserve the right to create such as we find it appropriate to our setting. Players can, of course, effectively create adult content via actions and descriptions, and we do not attempt to prevent them from doing so. For our and your safety and peace of mind, please enter Lost Souls only if you wish to view explicit language and, potentially, adult content in text form, and it is legal for you to do so. If you certify that this is the case, please enter the entire word yes below. If this is not the case, do not enter Lost Souls. Thank you!

Do you certify that you wish to, and it is legal for you to, view Lost Souls content? [yes/No]

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