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Convert is the ability to convert spiritual energy into more refined forms. The efficiency of this charm is strongly related to the Channeling skill, and also appears to be at least partly governed by whatever affinity skill (e.g. Fire Affinity, for elemental fire resource energy) is related to that type of resource energy. It is likely that a related magickal skill (e.g. Pyromancy, for elemental fire) and the Enchantment skills are also factors.

Your character's maximum capacity for any given resource energy is determined by both its related affinity skill, and related magickal skill; e.g. for Holy resource energy, the Sephirotic Affinity and Kalaturgy skills both determine maximum capacity. Attributes affect this maximum also, to a small degree, e.g. 10 willpower appears to add 1 point of maximum.

Activating this charm exercises at least some of, and possibly all, the skills associated with it.


You need to be bonded to a familiar that makes use of esoteric energies and have a high enough bond to unlock this charm. Your familiar must also be present in your environment to activate this charm.


concentrate on channeling my spiritual energy into <Type of Energy>


  • Type of Energy: This is a specific type of esoteric energy afforded to you via your empathic bond with a familiar.

Types of Energy

Some bonds will afford you access to certain esoteric energies, each bond will tell you which types these are through a message similar to the following.

You sense that this bond is enabling you to acquire unholy energy with this ability.

Note that not all forms of energy resources are scaled the same way; for example the Extropic type is considered much more "valuable" than the Holy type, and as such the Convert charm will tend to provide less Extropic energy, with all other factors being equal.

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