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Chaos Conversion

  • Energy Costs  : twenty-five points of spiritual energy
  • Process to Activate Power  : think about a turtle, a brick, and a fnord

Though your chaos energy reserves will slowly refill themselves over time, waiting around for stuff like that to happen is really boring. By bending your thoughts into sufficiently ridiculous deviations from their normal thought patterns, you can alter your personal metapsychology fnord into a form suitable for the conversion of spiritual energy into chaos energy.

  • Valere whispers, "This starts a minigame wherein you are shown a series of quote and gland items and have to choose the one that's a quote via subvocalizing 1 or 2."

Perform Chaos Flow

  • Paratheo-Anametamystikhood of Eris Esoteric Esoteric Maneuver
  • Usage: perform chaos flow
  • Typical Activity Cost: 15

Though one's reserves of Chaos energy automatically regenerate at a very slow rate, sometimes you just need some serious chaos energy like, now, man. This ability allows you to dump all of your spiritual energy (or at least, as much of it as you need at the time) to completely refill your reserves of sweet, sweet chaos energy. Obviously this is a pretty big deal, and your spirit can only withstand this kind of abuse every so often. Additionally, your spirit will be disjoined for a few moments after using this ability, which can be kind of a bummer.

  • Valere whispers, "The time delay before you can use it again seems to be 40-45 minutes for me."
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