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"I saw her approach, shimmering in the high plains sun.  I tell you, she were
no oridnary woman."
   Eyewitness account of Lord Knight Jardzia of Cormric

A good weapon in even the greatest of masters' hands is useless, unless that weapon master can survive long enough to wield it. Such logic is fundemental in the age of armed combat. The Justicars have taken this truth to the next level of evolution. The crafting process of this truth is complex and time consuming, beginning with the forging of a suit of fine orichalcum plate armour. Once the armour has been completed, a series of eldritch runes are etched into the surface, enchanted with ground dragon tooth. With a final invocation to the Even-Handed, the Justicar has a suit of armour worthy of the most imperial of emperors.

Syntax: craft armour
        release armour
        craft list


  This ability can only be used in the guild forge.
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