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With this ability, you can create a tenuous but effective magickal bond with another individual. This bond allows you to sense when its subject is in great danger or dies, and gives you a general idea of how far away he or she is.


Creating the bond is fairly spiritually exhausting, and maintaining it is a small but continuous drain on your spiritual energy. Be aware that you cannot voluntarily remove the bond once created; it will end with the subject's death, if dispelled, or if it fails due to lack of ability on your part.


To use this ability, concentrate on creating a magickal bond with your target.

Skill Relevance

three parts awareness, two parts divination, three parts enchantment

Attribute Relevance

three parts perception, two parts intellect, two parts willpower, one part ego


  • People bring up that only six or so people have ever had fey bonds before. They are NOT referring to this, they're referring to when the ability to form a semi-empathic bond pops from using this power. Think of it like a psychic talent, but for bonding. Max chance is supposed to be 5%, based on random things, of getting an empathic bond when making a magickal bond.
  • The chance of unlocking the faculty for a Fey Bond is checked upon every use of this ability, but requires an undisclosed threshold of capability to have been met, with the only further hint being that personally killing creatures you've marked makes things worse.
  • It is thought that the skills and attributes related to the Create Bond ability are of foremost importance for popping the ability to form a bond, with other telesmic skills and magick affinity also playing a role.
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