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Portions of Lost Souls are partially based on or inspired by the works of the following persons and groups (in alphabetical order):

       Douglas Adams
       The American Yo-Yo Association
       Marion Zimmer Bradley
       David Brin
       Lord British
       Anthony Burgess
       Lewis Carroll
       Peter Carroll
       Lin Carter
       Chaosium Inc.
       Samuel Taylor Coleridge
       Jonathan Coulton
       Aleister Crowley
       Blue Oyster Cult
       DC Comics
       Samuel R. Delany
       August Derleth
       Philip K. Dick
       Stephen R. Donaldson
       Donald F. Duncan
       Philip Jose Farmer
       FASA Corporation
       Neil Gaiman
       Games Workshop
       William Gibson
       William Goldman
       Gary Gygax
       Jim Henson
       Frank Herbert
       Tracy Hickman
       Albert Hoffman
       Paul Hume
       Steve Jackson
       Robert Jordan
       Guy Gavriel Kay
       Stephen King
       Mary Kirchoff
       Richard A. Knaak
       Katherine Kurtz
       Mercedes Lackey
       Timothy Leary
       Fritz Leiber
       H.P. Lovecraft
       George Lucas
       Niccolo Machiavelli
       Julian May
       Anne McCaffrey
       Monty Python's Flying Circus
       Michael Moorcock
       Grant Morrison
       the developers of Nethack
       Douglas Niles
       Anne Rice
       J.K. Rowling
       Fred Saberhagen
       R.A. Salvatore
       William Shakespeare
       Mary Shelley
       Joe Shuster
       Jerry Siegel
       Dan Simmons
       Georg Ernst Stahl
       Neal Stephenson
       Norman Stiles
       Bram Stoker
       J. Michael Straczynski
       White Wolf Game Studio
       Gilbert and Sullivan
       Kerry Thornley
       J.R.R. Tolkien
       TSR Games
       Harry Turtledove
       Margaret Weis
       T.H. White
       Walter Jon Williams
       Robert Anton Wilson
       Roger Zelazny

Any omissions from the above list are not intended to demonstrate a lack of respect for and gratitude toward those who have provided us with the inspirations from which we build our worlds.

We also extend our warmest gratitude to Lars Pensj| (, who wrote the original LPmud driver, and hence brought forth into our world the ability to be here at all. Deserved thanks also go to the current development team of LDmud for the current version of our driver.

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