Crystal Golem

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    The Crystal Golem Race

    Rarity: Special
    Plural: Crystal Golemim
    Anatomy: Anthropoid
    Sexes: Neuter
    Harm Skills:
        Demolition    38%
        Masonry       19%
        Mineral Lore  19%
        Carving        9%
        Sculpture      9%
        Artificing     6%

    No specific help is available for this race.
    Development Information: The crystal golem race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was
last updated Tue Apr 18 14:43:13 2017.

This is a quartz statue, anthropoid in shape with a simplified, abstracted face having smooth hollows instead of eyes. It is a crystal golem, a sculpture animated by sorcerous means. While not among one of the more powerful varieties of golem - that is in terms of physical prowess - they perform more than adequately in combat. These sorts of golemim are not ordinarily constructed because they are difficult and even dangerous to create. Their purpose lies in that they are mobile and communicable loci of power. Acting like batteries for drawn-out or intensive magical procedures, a crystal golem can generate and store its own internal reserve of spiritual energies, releasing them on command either to assist in an operation or to injure a foe in combat. It has a tracery of glinting pattern and a tracery of sparkling light within and around it.

It looks about twenty-one dimins tall, six and three fifths dimins wide, and one and thirteen twentieths dimins front to back.

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