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Dynamic NPC's

This page is going to be the outline for a new type of PC, that will advance, die, resurrect, and hopefully act as closely to a player as we can get it to.

This is just a rough paste for now until it can be edited to be nicer.

// High Level Goals: /* Advance Level | Kill It | Find Something to Kill | Get Equipment | Get Healthy | Get Money */

// Set Moods - If he's died lately, he'll be cautious, if he's not getting hurt much, he'll get reckless, etc..

// Set Goals - If he's got no money and equipment, he'll try to scrounge, if he's got money, he'll try to find // equipment, if he's got equipment, he'll try to explore and kill something, if he's hurt, he'll try to find a healer // or bar to rest up in Maybe seek some trainers for lessons or some such thing

// Something to bias alignment slightly, like if people give him thigns he can use, more towards good, if players kill // him, more towards evil

// Set Level based goals.. say, around level 10, go find a guild based on xxx criteria, if people help him out by giving // weapons and armor, he'll be more apt to join 'Good' guilds, can base it on preset questions that he poll's random // passer-by players, and decides after a set amount of answers

// Set up a process for what happens after he gets his ass killed, resurrection, etc..

// Set up a process for how he remembers what's killed him and what he's killed, prob: persistence

// Set up a process for moving from area to area, can be via memorized locations, once a* goes mud-wide, can use that // in conjunction with random's to start a path out

// Special case for chaos equipment so he won't just randomly die if someone giveshim a geos? Or maybe some future way // to remember the source of an item based death

// Saving himself over reboots and whatnot, and loading correctly afterwards, persistance? save-object?

// Quests?

// Company of npc-based characters? Grouping?

// Process for handling / use of new equipment / items, encumbrance..

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