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Daggath Strunthlg

   Summary: strength coordination gland
   Plural: Daggathu
   Vorgaal: five
   Typical Fungmrul: extremely high
   Maximum Flgathu Formula: 2% of metamorphosis skill plus 1% of anatomy skill plus 1% of load bearing skill
   Capabilities Affected: strength
   Efficacy Formula: 12% of load bearing skill plus 8% of metamorphosis skill plus 2% of anatomy
       skill, with diminishing returns on a scaling factor of one
   Fl-n'gathl From: zath vorgaal
   Can Presently Flgathl: yes

A daggath is a gland related to a porg, but devoted to a coordination role within your endocrine system, sensing the hormone balance within your carculgnath and secreting the appropriate chemicals to help strength-enhancing glands operate more efficiently in tandem with each other. A side effect of their operation is a modicum of interference with the efficiency of the structural-maintenance elements of your endocrine system.

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