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Note: Most of these damage combos are now out of date. Don't expect them to still be relevant - maybe one day we'll have someone re-document the new ones.

Damage Type Damage Description/Appearance Damage Name
earth / water / crushing {{black-mottled brown}reified essential mud} reified essential mud
piercing / heat {{orange}heatdarts} heatdarts
fire / heat / lightning / alkali {{cyan fire}alkaline plasma} alkaline plasma
sephirotic / extropy / force {{blue-flecked white lightning}angelic force} angelic force
psionic / chaos / light {{rainbow-rainbow-rainbow-rainbow-rainbow-rainbow-shimmering-shimmering-shimmering-shimmering sequence}psychoplasm} psychoplasm
lightning / air / chaos {{dazzling sky blue}empyrean lightning} empyrean lightning
cold / water {{icy}freezing elemental water} freezing elemental water
chaos / acid / alkali {{random-random-cyan-cyan-green-green-random-random-green-green-cyan-cyan sequence}azoth} azoth
earth / heat / lightning / eskara / chaos {{dazzling umber}stardust} stardust
acid / alkali / poison {{green-dark green-cyan-green-green-cyan-dark green-green sequence}vitriolic venom} vitriolic venom
magick / air {{green-runed airy}sorcerous wind} sorcerous wind
poison / lightning / fire {{red-orange-green-green-white-green-orange-yellow-green-white-orange-red sequence}burning electrified venom} burning electrified venom
lightning / fire / entropy / qlippotic {{black-black-violet-violet-white-white-red-red-orange-orange-yellow-yellow-white-white sequence}infernal lightning} infernal lightning
shadow / air {{opalescent}umbral wind} umbral wind
light / magick / goetia {{glowing}glowing energy} glowing energy
air / force {{airy}reified elemental air} reified elemental air
fire / heat / earth / acid {{white fire}white phosphorus} white phosphorus
light / water / chaos / order {{rainbow}rainbow} rainbow
magma / eskara {{black-black-dark cyan-red-red-orange-dark green-black-red sequence}eskaric magma} eskaric magma
void / chaos / order / thunder {{opalescent}thundering aether} thundering aether
light / fire / heat / void {{starry}starlight} starlight
cold / magick / poison {{green-green-cyan-green-cyan-white sequence}witchfrost} witchfrost
entropy / qlippotic / thunder {{black-black-violet-violet-red-red-gray-gray-black sequence}hellsong} hellsong
acid / alkali / lightning / magick {{blue-streaked cyan-streaked shimmering green}sorcerous electrified vitriol} sorcerous electrified vitriol
cold / fire / magick {{green-dark green-blue-cyan-white-cyan-dark green-green-white sequence}sorcerous iceflame} sorcerous iceflame
light / extropy {{radiant}radiant light} radiant light
cutting / shadow {{shadowy}shadowy blades} shadowy blades
piercing / fire / heat / lightning / eskara / chaos {{bright fire}stardarts} stardarts
piercing / magick / fire {{green fire}sorcerous firedarts} sorcerous firedarts
entropy / lightning / heat / chaos {{black-black-orange-white-random-black-black-white-orange-random-black-black-black-white sequence}enthalpic lightning} enthalpic lightning
acid / magick {{shimmering green}sorcerous acid} sorcerous acid
order / goetia {{shimmering white}ordainment} ordainment
alkali / lightning / fire {{red-orange-cyan-cyan-white-cyan-orange-yellow-cyan-white-orange-red sequence}burning electrified alkali} burning electrified alkali
chaos / heat / entropy {{orange-orange-random-orange-orange-random-orange-orange-orange-random sequence}enthalpy} enthalpy
acid / alkali / fire / chaos {{random-streaked green-streaked cyan fire}ravening burning vitriol} ravening burning vitriol
acid / sephirotic {{green-pale green-white-green-green-white-pale green-green-white sequence}sephirotic acid} sephirotic acid
void / water {{blue-blue-dark blue-dark blue-dark blue-black-black-black-dark blue-dark blue-dark blue-blue-blue sequence}tidal lacuna} tidal lacuna
temporal / chaos / order / entropy / cutting {{gray-gray-black-black-gray-gray-white-white sequence}bureaucracy} bureaucracy
order / magick / entropy {{sparkling golden-flecked green fire}organic energy} organic energy
fire / heat / lightning / entropy / qlippotic / chaos {{random-violet-pink-orange-yellow-white-yellow-orange-pink-violet-random-violet-pink-orange-yellow-white-yellow-orange-pink-violet-random-violet-pink-orange-yellow-white-yellow-orange-pink-violet sequence}ravening hellplasma} ravening hellplasma
magick / eskara {{shimmering green, shimmering cyan, shimmering green, and shimmering cyan}sorcerous eskaris} sorcerous eskaris
entropy / extropy {{midnight blue}lunar energy} lunar energy
fire / heat / lightning / crystal / light {{silvery-streaked golden fire}crystallized solar plasma} crystallized solar plasma
order / force / eskara {{silvery-flecked dark teal and silvery-flecked dark green}stabilizing hadrons} stabilizing hadrons
sephirotic / extropy / light {{gold-copper-white-gray sequence}angelic radiance} angelic radiance
order / lightning {{golden lightning}golden lightning} golden lightning
extropy / chaos {{double rainbow}creativity} creativity
chaos / cold / sephirotic {{white-random-white-white-cyan-random-blue-blue-cyan-white-white-random-white sequence}gracefrost} gracefrost
light / water / air / chaos / order {{double rainbow}double rainbow} double rainbow
poison / force / light {{white-shimmering green}explosive radiant venom} explosive radiant venom
light / entropy / extropy {{opalescent}moonlight} moonlight
fire / entropy / qlippotic / chaos {{random-black-violet-red-orange-yellow-orange-red-violet-black-random-black-violet-red-orange-yellow-orange-red-violet-black-random-black-violet-red-orange-yellow-orange-red-violet-black sequence}ravening hellfire} ravening hellfire
sephirotic / order / light {{pure white-golden sequence}righteous radiance} righteous radiance
alkali / fire / chaos {{random-streaked cyan fire}ravening burning alkali} ravening burning alkali
cutting / fire / heat / lightning / eskara / chaos {{bright fire}starknives} starknives
thunder / psionic {{white}mind-destroying screeching} mind-destroying screeching
qlippotic / chaos / entropy {{chaotic, black, and chaotic}mortal sin} mortal sin
sephirotic / order / fire {{golden-flecked pure white fire}righteous flame} righteous flame
lightning / psionic {{violet lightning}mind-lightning} mind-lightning
acid / light {{white-shimmering green}radiant acid} radiant acid
entropy / thunder {{gray-streaked black}deathsong} deathsong
light / heat / extropy {{sparkling bright yellow-flecked sparkling bright white}true sunlight} true sunlight
lightning / chaos / entropy {{black-black-blue-white-black-blue-blue-black-white-white-black-blue sequence}sturmdrang} sturmdrang
acid / disease {{sickly-mottled green}putrescent acid} putrescent acid
cutting / acid / cold {{white, green, white, cyan, blue, cyan, white, green, and white}acidic ice} acidic ice
order / light {{golden}golden light} golden light
fire / heat / lightning / poison {{green fire}toxic plasma} toxic plasma
air / thunder {{white-mottled airy}shrieking wind} shrieking wind
shadow / fire {{shadowfire}shadowfire} shadowfire
eskara / chaos {{random-dark cyan-random-dark green sequence}quanta} quanta
magick / heat {{green-green-orange-orange-green sequence}sorcerous heat} sorcerous heat
qlippotic / water / poison {{blue-black-green-black-black-blue-green-black-blue sequence}malignant ink} malignant ink
lightning / air {{cyan lightning}sky-lightning} sky-lightning
fire / entropy / sephirotic / chaos {{random-black-violet-blue-cyan-white-cyan-blue-violet-black-random-black-violet-blue-cyan-white-cyan-blue-violet-black-random-black-violet-blue-cyan-white-cyan-blue-violet-black sequence}ravening soulfire} ravening soulfire
qlippotic / disease {{dark green-red-black-violet-black-brown-black sequence}qlippotic putrescence} qlippotic putrescence
magick / lightning {{green lightning}sorcerous lightning} sorcerous lightning
shadow / chaos {{shifting black}shifting shadow} shifting shadow
earth / water {{black-mottled brown}essential mud} essential mud
chaos / entropy {{random-mottled black}disintegration} disintegration
acid / entropy {{dark green-streaked black}thanatacid} thanatacid
extropy / chaos / light {{rainbow}ectoplasm} ectoplasm
fire / heat / lightning / chaos / poison {{green-spotted random-streaked bright fire}toxic ravening plasma} toxic ravening plasma
poison / force {{green}explosive venom} explosive venom
qlippotic / chaos / cold {{random-black-cyan-blue-cyan-black-random-black-cyan-blue-cyan-black sequence}sinfrost} sinfrost
force / temporal {{gray-lined black}fractured spacetime} fractured spacetime
fire / magick / poison {{green fire}witchfire} witchfire
cold / entropy / qlippotic {{black, violet, blue, cyan, white, cyan, blue, violet, and black}hellfrost} hellfrost
entropy / cold / order {{black-mottled snowy}polarized netherfrost} polarized netherfrost
sephirotic / order / lightning {{golden-flecked pure white lightning}righteous lightning} righteous lightning
fire / earth {{brown fire}earthflame} earthflame
cutting / magick {{sparkling}sorcerous blades} sorcerous blades
extropy / order {{white, golden, and white}exaltation} exaltation
light / magick / poison {{white-streaked shimmering green}witchlight} witchlight
fire / air / void {{red-orange-white-cyan-green-orange-yellow-cyan-white-orange-red sequence}burning sky} burning sky
lightning / heat {{orange-orange-white-white-orange-orange-white-orange-white-orange-orange-white-white sequence}heat lightning} heat lightning
fire / heat / lightning / cold {{blue fire}cold plasma} cold plasma
alkali / light {{white-shimmering cyan}radiant alkali} radiant alkali
acid / alkali / entropy {{dark green-streaked dark cyan-streaked black}necrovitriol} necrovitriol
acid / alkali / light {{white-shimmering cyan-mottled green}radiant vitriol} radiant vitriol
force / fire / heat / lightning {{bright fire}explosive plasma} explosive plasma
acid / crystal {{silvery-flecked bright green}crystallized acid} crystallized acid
order / heat {{silvery-flecked sparkling bright orange}protoheat} protoheat
fire / heat / lightning / chaos / entropy {{random-streaked darkfire}ravening black plasma} ravening black plasma
force / fire / heat / lightning / cold {{blue fire}explosive cold plasma} explosive cold plasma
sephirotic / chaos {{polychromatic}grace} grace
viral / eskara {{sickly-sickly-sickly-sickly-dark cyan-dark cyan-dark green-dark green sequence}eskaric pestilence} eskaric pestilence
order / psionic {{golden-flecked sparkling violet}eidos} eidos
entropy / poison {{dark green-mottled black}necrovenom} necrovenom
goetia / cold {{opalescent cyan}godsfrost} godsfrost
cold / extropy {{violet-blue-cyan-blue-cyan-white-cyan-white-white-black-gray-black-white-white-cyan-white-cyan-blue-cyan-blue-violet sequence}extropic frost} extropic frost
acid / chaos {{green-green-random-green-random-random-green-green-random-green-green-green-random-random sequence}disintegrating acid} disintegrating acid
force / cold / fire {{blue fire}explosive iceflame} explosive iceflame
order / poison {{silvery-silvery-green-silvery-green-silvery-silvery-green-green-silvery-green sequence}toxic stasis} toxic stasis
lightning / fire / magick {{red-orange-green-white-orange-yellow-green-yellow-white-orange-orange-green-white-red-green sequence}burning sorcerous lightning} burning sorcerous lightning
acid / force {{green}explosive acid} explosive acid
sephirotic / lightning {{white lightning}sephirotic lightning} sephirotic lightning
cold / entropy / sephirotic / force {{black, blue, cyan, gray, white, gray, cyan, blue, and black}explosive soulfrost} explosive soulfrost
alkali / qlippotic {{cyan-dark cyan-black-cyan-cyan-black-dark cyan-cyan-black sequence}foul alkali} foul alkali
extropy / ooze {{random-green-random-green-random-green-random-green-random-green sequence}fecundity} fecundity
order / cutting {{sparkling silvery}geometric blades} geometric blades
chaos / heat / cold {{orange-cyan-random-cyan-orange-random-orange-random-cyan-random-orange-cyan-random sequence}thermodynamism} thermodynamism
lightning / shadow {{dark gray lightning}umbral lightning} umbral lightning
chaos / water {{random-flecked random-dotted watery}riptide} riptide
eskara / temporal {{bright blue}tachyons} tachyons
chaos / cold {{white-random-white-cyan-cyan-random-blue-blue-cyan-cyan-random-white sequence}chaosfrost} chaosfrost
alkali / magick {{shimmering cyan}sorcerous alkali} sorcerous alkali
chaos / light / magick / goetia {{shifting}shifting energy} shifting energy
acid / alkali / cold {{icy-mottled cyan-streaked green}freezing vitriol} freezing vitriol
ooze / fire {{rotting fire}burning goo} burning goo
cutting / ooze {{rotting grey}gelatinous blades} gelatinous blades
chaos / fire {{random fire}chaosfire} chaosfire
acid / lightning / fire {{red-orange-green-green-white-green-orange-yellow-green-white-orange-red sequence}burning electrified acid} burning electrified acid
alkali / poison {{mottled cyan}alkaline venom} alkaline venom
order / piercing {{sparkling silvery}geometric needles} geometric needles
fire / heat / lightning {{bright fire}plasma} plasma
ooze / ice {{rotting icy}frozen slime} frozen slime
order / water {{silvery-flecked watery}pattern-streaked water} pattern-streaked water
fire / heat / lightning / entropy / sephirotic / force {{violet, blue, cyan, gray, white, gray, cyan, blue, and violet}explosive soulplasma} explosive soulplasma
cutting / fire {{fiery}fireknives} fireknives
alkali / acid / order {{silvery-striped cyan-mottled green}harmonized vitriol} harmonized vitriol
acid / cold {{icy-mottled green}freezing acid} freezing acid
order / fire / earth / air / water {{sparkling silvery-runed prismatic}isomorphism} isomorphism
sephirotic / light {{white}sephirotic light} sephirotic light
alkali / lightning {{lightning-mottled cyan}electrified alkali} electrified alkali
alkali / lightning / magick {{blue-streaked shimmering cyan}sorcerous electrified alkali} sorcerous electrified alkali
order / fire / entropy / sephirotic {{sparkling silvery-runed soulfire}abstract soulfire} abstract soulfire
cold / psionic {{white, pink, violet, pink, and white}mindfrost} mindfrost
qlippotic / chaos / fire {{chaotic-streaked qlippotic fire}sinfire} sinfire
order / light / entropy / extropy {{golden-golden-golden-dark cyan-golden-golden-golden-midnight blue sequence}golden moonlight} golden moonlight
eskara / fire {{cyan fire}eskaric flame} eskaric flame
entropy / sephirotic / thunder {{black-black-blue-blue-cyan-cyan-gray-gray-black sequence}soulsong} soulsong
fire / heat / lightning / eskara / chaos {{violet, orange, yellow, white, orange, and yellow}starfire} starfire
acid / alkali / sephirotic {{green-cyan-white-cyan-green-white-cyan-green-white sequence}sephirotic vitriol} sephirotic vitriol
goetia / fire {{lightfire}godsfire} godsfire
fire / heat / lightning / entropy / qlippotic / force {{violet, pink, orange, yellow, white, yellow, orange, pink, and violet}explosive hellplasma} explosive hellplasma
entropy / fire / heat / lightning {{darkfire}black plasma} black plasma
order / air {{airy-banded golden}golden wind} golden wind
acid / lightning / magick {{blue-streaked shimmering green}sorcerous electrified acid} sorcerous electrified acid
lightning / cold {{cyan-cyan-white-white-cyan-cyan-white-cyan-white-cyan-cyan-white-white sequence}cold lightning} cold lightning
entropy / lightning / heat {{black-black-orange-white-black-black-white-orange-black-black-black-white sequence}hot black lightning} hot black lightning
order / qlippotic / entropy {{silvery, black, dark red, silvery, and black}tyranny} tyranny
fire / entropy / sephirotic {{soulfire}soulfire} soulfire
chaos / cold / entropy {{cyan-cyan-random-cyan-cyan-random-cyan-cyan-cyan-random sequence}exthalpy} exthalpy
alkali / heat {{orange-streaked cyan}boiling alkali} boiling alkali
acid / qlippotic {{green-dark green-black-green-green-black-dark green-green-black sequence}foul acid} foul acid
piercing / fire {{fiery}firedarts} firedarts
light / fire {{lightfire}luminous flame} luminous flame
eskara / light / magick / goetia {{opalescent white}glowing liquid energy} glowing liquid energy
acid / fire {{red-orange-green-green-green-orange-yellow-green-green-orange-red sequence}burning acid} burning acid
fire / light / magick / goetia {{glowing fire}glowing fire} glowing fire
magick / disease {{sickly-sickly-sickly-sickly-green-green-dark green-green sequence}sorcerous putrescence} sorcerous putrescence
force / psionic {{sparkling violet}psychic force} psychic force
lightning / fire / qlippotic {{black-black-violet-violet-orange-orange-black-black-red-red sequence}hellshock} hellshock
ice / fire {{blue fire}iceflame} iceflame
fire / extropy {{violet-red-orange-red-orange-yellow-orange-yellow-yellow-white-gray-white-yellow-yellow-orange-yellow-orange-red-orange-red-violet sequence}extropic flame} extropic flame
cutting / water {{watery}abrasive elemental water} abrasive elemental water
acid / alkali / qlippotic {{green-cyan-black-cyan-green-black-cyan-green-black sequence}foul vitriol} foul vitriol
cold / entropy / qlippotic / chaos {{random-black-violet-blue-cyan-white-cyan-blue-violet-black-random-black-violet-blue-cyan-white-cyan-blue-violet-black-random-black-violet-blue-cyan-white-cyan-blue-violet-black sequence}ravening hellfrost} ravening hellfrost
fire / order / qlippotic {{black, violet, red, yellow, gray, silvery, gray, yellow, red, violet, and black}diabolic flame} diabolic flame
magick / viral {{sickly-sickly-sickly-sickly-green-green-dark green-green sequence}sorcerous pestilence} sorcerous pestilence
order / viral {{golden-banded sickly}systemic pestilence} systemic pestilence
water / air / entropy / extropy {{black-dark teal-dark teal-dark blue-dark blue-dark violet-dark violet-dark blue-dark blue-dark teal-dark teal-black sequence}moonsquall} moonsquall
order / temporal {{black-silvery sequence}discrete time} discrete time
earth / entropy / extropy {{black, black, dark blue, dark blue, blue, dark blue, dark blue, black, and black}moonloam} moonloam
chaos / air {{random-mottled airy}chaoswind} chaoswind
eskara / light {{white-white-cyan-white-green-white sequence}spectrum eskaris} spectrum eskaris
poison / heat {{orange-streaked green}boiling venom} boiling venom
cold / entropy / sephirotic {{black, blue, cyan, gray, white, gray, cyan, blue, and black}soulfrost} soulfrost
crushing / ooze {{rotting grey}solidified ooze} solidified ooze
fire / heat / lightning / acid {{green fire}acidic plasma} acidic plasma
alkali / disease {{sickly-mottled cyan}putrescent alkali} putrescent alkali
chaos / entropy / void {{silvery-mottled black}annihilation} annihilation
thunder / chaos {{random-random-cyan-gray-random-cyan-random-gray-random-gray-random-random-cyan-random-gray sequence}discord} discord
entropy / cold / cutting / order {{black-black-dark cyan-white-black-dark cyan-black-white sequence}polarized netherice} polarized netherice
entropy / poison / air / water {{black-black-green-black-gray-black-green-green-black-gray-black sequence}death fog} death fog
heat / water / poison {{green-mottled white}toxic steam} toxic steam
fire / entropy / qlippotic {{hellfire}hellfire} hellfire
qlippotic / chaos / light {{violet-tinged opalescent}sinlight} sinlight
piercing / fire / heat / lightning {{bright fire}plasma darts} plasma darts
sephirotic / order {{shimmering golden and shimmering pure white}righteousness} righteousness
entropy / magick / fire {{dark gray fire}umbral flame} umbral flame
entropy / cold / cutting {{black-black-dark blue-dark cyan-black-dark blue-black-dark cyan sequence}netherice} netherice
light / heat / eskara {{sparkling bright white-flecked sparkling bright yellow}sunlight} sunlight
order / chaos / force / temporal {{black-mottled random-flecked random-dotted white}apeiron} apeiron
air / entropy {{black}black wind} black wind
lightning / light / magick / goetia {{glowing lightning}glowing lightning} glowing lightning
sephirotic / chaos / extropy {{red-flecked golden fire}angelfury} angelfury
cutting / fire / heat / lightning {{bright fire}plasma knives} plasma knives
cutting / alkali / cold {{white, cyan, white, cyan, blue, cyan, white, cyan, and white}alkaline ice} alkaline ice
chaos / lightning {{chaotic lightning}polychromatic lightning} polychromatic lightning
lightning / qlippotic {{violet lightning}qlippotic lightning} qlippotic lightning
entropy / light {{black}black radiance} black radiance
chaos / cold / fire {{blue-blue-random-cyan-cyan-random-white-white-white-random-cyan-cyan-random-blue-blue sequence}coruscating iceflame} coruscating iceflame
entropy / lightning {{black lightning}black lightning} black lightning
water / entropy / extropy {{black-navy-navy-violet-violet-blue-blue-blue-violet-violet-navy-navy-black sequence}moondew} moondew
order / force / light {{black-flecked silvery}blinding geometric structure} blinding geometric structure
entropy / extropy / light / chaos {{purple-streaked opalescent}hexed moonlight} hexed moonlight
entropy / cold {{black-mottled dark blue}netherfrost} netherfrost
fire / thunder {{shimmering cyan flame}wailing flame} wailing flame
alkali / entropy {{dark cyan-streaked black}thanatalkali} thanatalkali
poison / sephirotic {{green-pale green-white-green-green-white-pale green-green-white sequence}sephirotic venom} sephirotic venom
fire / heat {{bright fire}white-hot flame} white-hot flame
order / light / magick {{teal-flecked white-streaked shimmering green}hypnotic sorcerous radiance} hypnotic sorcerous radiance
lightning / eskara / fire {{dark green-dark green-red-orange-yellow-white-white-dark cyan-dark cyan-dark cyan-white-white sequence}burning eskaric lightning} burning eskaric lightning
eskara / chaos / entropy {{random-dark cyan-black-random-dark green-black sequence}quantum instability} quantum instability
magick / fire {{green fire}sorcerous flame} sorcerous flame
temporal / chaos {{dark gray-dark gray-dark gray-random-random-dark gray-dark gray-random-dark gray-random sequence}time disruption} time disruption
order / magick {{shimmering golden}order magick} order magick
fire / heat / lightning / entropy / qlippotic {{violet, pink, orange, yellow, white, yellow, orange, pink and violet}hellplasma} hellplasma
fire / heat / lightning / order {{opalescent-striped midnight blue fire}ur-fire} ur-fire
acid / alkali / poison / magick {{shimmering cyan, shimmering green, shimmering cyan, and shimmering green}sorcerous vitriolic venom} sorcerous vitriolic venom
order / disease {{silvery-banded sickly}systemic putrescence} systemic putrescence
psionic / chaos {{random-random-silvery-gray-random-silvery-random-gray-random-gray-random-random-silvery-random-gray sequence}confusion} confusion
acid / alkali / disease {{sickly-mottled cyan-streaked green}putrescent vitriol} putrescent vitriol
force / entropy / fire {{darkfire}explosive darkfire} explosive darkfire
cold / order {{dark blue-dark blue-silver-silver-light cyan-dark blue-silver-silver sequence}polarized frost} polarized frost
lightning / order / qlippotic {{black-black-violet-violet-silver-silver-black sequence}diabolic lightning} diabolic lightning
sephirotic / lightning / extropy {{golden lightning}angelic lightning} angelic lightning
order / void {{random-flecked random-flecked random-flecked random-flecked night-black}atoms and void} atoms and void
order / thunder {{shimmering teal-mottled shimmering silvery}harmonic vibration} harmonic vibration
piercing / water {{watery}piercing elemental water} piercing elemental water
poison / lightning {{lightning-mottled green}electrified venom} electrified venom
fire / air {{cyan fire}airflame} airflame
cold / entropy / qlippotic / force {{black, violet, blue, cyan, white, cyan, blue, violet, and black}explosive hellfrost} explosive hellfrost
acid / alkali / eskara {{green-dark cyan-cyan-dark green-cyan-dark green-green-dark cyan sequence}eskaric vitriol} eskaric vitriol
heat / air {{orange-mottled airy}searing wind} searing wind
cutting / heat {{orange}heatknives} heatknives
fire / poison / chaos {{random-streaked green fire}ravening toxic flame} ravening toxic flame
entropy / temporal / order {{silver-streaked black}inevitable doom} inevitable doom
cutting / air {{airy-traced gray}windblades} windblades
poison / light {{white-shimmering green}radiant venom} radiant venom
entropy / chaos / light {{violet-runed tarnished}necroplasm} necroplasm
poison / air {{sickly-airy sequence}poisoned air} poisoned air
fire / heat / lightning / chaos {{violet, orange, yellow, white, orange, yellow, and violet}stellar plasma} stellar plasma
lightning / fire {{red-orange-white-white-orange-yellow-white-yellow-white-orange-orange-white-white-red sequence}burning lightning} burning lightning
light / magick {{white-streaked shimmering green}sorcerous radiance} sorcerous radiance
alkali / force {{cyan}explosive alkali} explosive alkali
force / entropy / cold {{black-mottled dark blue}explosive black frost} explosive black frost
qlippotic / entropy {{dark-violet-splotched black}foul darkness} foul darkness
force / chaos {{clear-clear-clear-random-random-clear-clear-random-clear-random sequence}space disruption} space disruption
poison / eskara {{green-dark cyan-green-dark green sequence}eskaric venom} eskaric venom
earth / chaos {{random-mottled earthy}earthfury} earthfury
fire / heat / lightning / eskara {{cyan fire}eskaric plasma} eskaric plasma
alkali / crystal {{silvery-flecked bright teal}crystallized alkali} crystallized alkali
fire / primal {{lightfire}primal fire} primal fire
force / magick {{sparkling}explosive magick} explosive magick
fire / heat / lightning / chaos / entropy / poison {{green-spotted random-streaked darkfire}toxic ravening black plasma} toxic ravening black plasma
earth / crushing {{earthy}reified elemental earth} reified elemental earth
fire / heat / lightning / light {{golden fire}solar plasma} solar plasma
light / magick / goetia / sephirotic {{glowing}glowing light} glowing light
alkali / eskara {{cyan-dark cyan-cyan-dark green sequence}eskaric alkali} eskaric alkali
force / order {{white-lined gray}structure} structure
sephirotic / goetia {{shimmering white}holy spirit} holy spirit
fire / entropy / qlippotic / force {{hellfire}explosive hellfire} explosive hellfire
piercing / air {{airy-traced gray}wind arrows} wind arrows
shadow / cold {{dark gray, cyan, white, cyan, and dark gray}shadowfrost} shadowfrost
order / fire {{golden fire}golden flame} golden flame
air / entropy / extropy {{black, black, dark teal, dark teal, teal, dark teal, dark teal, black, and black}moonwind} moonwind
chaos / magick {{violet, pink, chaotic, white, chaotic, pink, and violet}chaos magick} chaos magick
qlippotic / cold {{black, cyan, blue, cyan, and black}qlippotic frost} qlippotic frost
eskara / order {{dark cyan-dark cyan-silver-silver-dark green-dark green-gray-gray sequence}polarizing eskaris} polarizing eskaris
disease / poison {{sickly-sickly-sickly-sickly-green-green-dark green-green sequence}toxic putrescence} toxic putrescence
sephirotic / order / water / force {{silvery-streaked shimmering blue}righteous waves} righteous waves
cold / fire {{cyan fire}frostflame} frostflame
void / chaos / order {{opalescent}aether} aether
eskara / darkness {{black-black-dark cyan-dark cyan-black-black-dark green-dark green sequence}dark eskaris} dark eskaris
sephirotic / extropy {{bright white}angelic power} angelic power
fire / heat / lightning / entropy / sephirotic {{pink, blue, cyan, gray, white, gray, cyan, blue, and pink}soulplasma} soulplasma
sephirotic / magick / chaos {{chaotic, white, and chaotic}khokhmah} khokhmah
fire / psionic {{violet fire}mindfire} mindfire
acid / alkali {{cyan-mottled green}vitriol} vitriol
entropy / fire {{darkfire}darkfire} darkfire
force / void {{gray, black, gray, black, gray, and black}overpressure} overpressure
sephirotic / thunder / extropy {{cyan-streaked silvery fire}angelic song} angelic song
water / crushing {{watery}reified elemental water} reified elemental water
fire / entropy / extropy {{midnight blue fire, cyan fire, midnight blue fire, and cyan fire}moonfire} moonfire
void / chaos {{shifting pure black}shifting void} shifting void
chaos / heat {{orange-orange-random-orange-orange-random-orange-orange-orange-random sequence}chaosheat} chaosheat
force / thunder / earth {{black-striped earthy}earth-thunder} earth-thunder
entropy / qlippotic / light {{shimmering black}deadlight} deadlight
acid / alkali / ooze / void {{shimmering black}black goo} black goo
force / cold {{icy}explosive frost} explosive frost
cold / cutting / order {{dark blue-dotted icy}polarized ice} polarized ice
fire / heat / lightning / entropy / force {{darkfire}explosive black plasma} explosive black plasma
fire / water {{orange, yellow, cyan, white, cyan, yellow, and orange}waterflame} waterflame
qlippotic / chaos {{black, chaotic, black, chaotic, and black}sin} sin
sephirotic / cold / extropy {{white, cyan, gray, white, gray, cyan, and white}angelic frost} angelic frost
force / fire / qlippotic {{qlippotic fire}explosive qlippotic fire} explosive qlippotic fire
lightning / earth {{brown lightning}earthshock} earthshock
acid / heat {{orange-streaked green}boiling acid} boiling acid
acid / lightning {{lightning-mottled green}electrified acid} electrified acid
acid / alkali / force / light {{white-shimmering cyan-mottled green}explosive radiant vitriol} explosive radiant vitriol
acid / alkali / lightning / fire {{red-orange-green-cyan-white-green-orange-yellow-cyan-green-white-orange-red sequence}burning electrified vitriol} burning electrified vitriol
qlippotic / light {{violet-tinged opalescent}qlippotic radiance} qlippotic radiance
light / lightning {{white lightning}radiant lightning} radiant lightning
sephirotic / disease {{olive-flecked bright fire}divine affliction} divine affliction
light / fire / heat / void / order {{star-filled golden}golden starlight} golden starlight
order / qlippotic {{silvery, black, silvery, and black}diabolic power} diabolic power
crushing / shadow {{shadowy}shadowy forms} shadowy forms
entropy / order {{dark yellow}sterility} sterility
entropy / lightning / cold / chaos {{black-black-dark blue-random-white-black-black-white-dark blue-random-black-black-black-white sequence}exthalpic lightning} exthalpic lightning
cold / entropy / sephirotic / chaos {{random-black-blue-cyan-gray-white-gray-cyan-blue-black-random-black-blue-cyan-gray-white-gray-cyan-blue-black-random-black-blue-cyan-gray-white-gray-cyan-blue-black sequence}ravening soulfrost} ravening soulfrost
viral / poison {{sickly-sickly-sickly-sickly-green-green-dark green-green sequence}toxic pestilence} toxic pestilence
alkali / force / light {{white-shimmering cyan}explosive radiant alkali} explosive radiant alkali
poison / lightning / magick {{blue-streaked shimmering green}sorcerous electrified venom} sorcerous electrified venom
acid / alkali / heat {{orange-streaked cyan-mottled green}boiling vitriol} boiling vitriol
disease / eskara {{sickly-sickly-sickly-sickly-dark cyan-dark cyan-dark green-dark green sequence}eskaric putrescence} eskaric putrescence
fire / heat / lightning / eskara / light {{golden fire}sunfire} sunfire
force / fire {{fiery}explosive fire} explosive fire
alkali / chaos {{cyan-cyan-random-cyan-random-random-cyan-cyan-random-cyan-cyan-cyan-random-random sequence}disintegrating alkali} disintegrating alkali
sephirotic / fire {{lightfire}sephirotic fire} sephirotic fire
water / air / lightning {{dark blue-mottled dark gray lightning}stormwater} stormwater
poison / qlippotic {{green-dark green-black-green-green-black-dark green-green-black sequence}foul venom} foul venom
lightning / order / qlippotic / fire {{black-black-red-orange-violet-violet-silver-silver-black sequence}burning diabolic lightning} burning diabolic lightning
void / thunder {{white-dark white-dark white-dark white-black-black-black-black-black-black-black-black-black-black-black-black-black-dark white-dark white-dark white-white sequence}harmonic lacuna} harmonic lacuna
acid / poison {{mottled green}acidic venom} acidic venom
order / chaos {{prismatic-banded golden}metasynthesis} metasynthesis
chaos / poison {{green-green-random-green-random-green-green-random-random-green-random sequence}chaosvenom} chaosvenom
chaos / force / temporal {{random-random-gray-black-random-random-random-gray-gray-black-random-gray-black sequence}reality disruption} reality disruption
acid / alkali / magick {{shimmering cyan, shimmering green, shimmering cyan, and shimmering green}sorcerous vitriol} sorcerous vitriol
fire / heat / lightning / entropy / sephirotic / chaos {{random-pink-blue-cyan-gray-white-gray-cyan-blue-pink-random-pink-blue-cyan-gray-white-gray-cyan-blue-pink-random-pink-blue-cyan-gray-white-gray-cyan-blue-pink sequence}ravening soulplasma} ravening soulplasma
fire / entropy / sephirotic / force {{soulfire}explosive soulfire} explosive soulfire
fire / divine {{lightfire}divine fire} divine fire
alkali / fire {{red-orange-cyan-cyan-cyan-orange-yellow-cyan-cyan-orange-red sequence}burning alkali} burning alkali
acid / force / light {{white-shimmering green}explosive radiant acid} explosive radiant acid
disease / extropy {{gray-splotched white}cancer} cancer
fire / poison {{green fire}toxic flame} toxic flame
force / light / magick / goetia {{glowing}glowing force} glowing force
order / void / thunder {{white-dark white-dark white-white-dark white-black-white-black-black-white-black-dark white-white-dark white-dark white-white-white sequence}resonating harmonic lacuna} resonating harmonic lacuna
disease / entropy {{sickly-sickly-black-sickly-sickly-black-black-sickly-black sequence}black plague} black plague
force / fire / sephirotic {{lightfire}explosive sephirotic fire} explosive sephirotic fire
magick / fire / thunder {{green-streaked shimmering cyan flame}sorcerous wailing flame} sorcerous wailing flame
chaos / light {{white-streaked chaotic}polychromatic light} polychromatic light
chaos / fire / sephirotic {{white, random, red, random, orange, yellow, white, white, yellow, orange, random, red, random, and white}gracefire} gracefire
cold / magick {{green-green-cyan-green-cyan-white sequence}sorcerous frost} sorcerous frost
qlippotic / sephirotic / chaos / order / goetia {{shifting scarlet}henosis} henosis
poison / cold {{icy-mottled green}freezing venom} freezing venom
sephirotic / fire / extropy {{golden fire}angelfire} angelfire
eskara / light / entropy {{white-cyan-black-white-green-black sequence}death-radiance} death-radiance
acid / alkali / fire {{red-orange-green-cyan-green-orange-yellow-cyan-green-orange-red sequence}burning vitriol} burning vitriol
alkali / cold {{icy-mottled cyan}freezing alkali} freezing alkali
acid / alkali / lightning {{lightning-mottled cyan-mottled green}electrified vitriol} electrified vitriol
lightning / air / chaos / primal {{shifting pure blue}true lightning} true lightning
eskara / chaos / water {{random-dark cyan-blue-random-dark green-white sequence}quantum foam} quantum foam
chaos / temporal / void {{gray-gray-gray-black-black-black sequence}aftermath} aftermath
magick / thunder {{green-streaked white}sorcerous wailing} sorcerous wailing
lightning / eskara {{dark green-dark green-dark green-white-white-dark cyan-dark cyan-dark cyan-white-white sequence}eskaric lightning} eskaric lightning
alkali / sephirotic {{cyan-pale cyan-white-cyan-cyan-white-pale cyan-cyan-white sequence}sephirotic alkali} sephirotic alkali
magick / fire / heat / lightning {{bright green fire}sorcerous plasma} sorcerous plasma
cutting / cold / magick {{green-white-cyan-green-cyan-white sequence}sorcerous ice} sorcerous ice
order / force / lightning {{silvery-striped prismatic lightning}hypermorphic lightning} hypermorphic lightning
order / water / force {{dark yellow-yellow-white-teal-dark teal-dark blue-blue-dark blue-dark teal-teal-white-yellow-dark yellow sequence}tidal resonance} tidal resonance
qlippotic / fire {{qlippotic fire}qlippotic fire} qlippotic fire
entropy / lightning / cold {{black-black-dark blue-white-black-black-white-dark blue-black-black-black-white sequence}cold black lightning} cold black lightning
acid / fire / chaos {{random-streaked green fire}ravening burning acid} ravening burning acid
darkness / shadow / entropy {{pure black}gloom} gloom
poison / magick {{shimmering green}sorcerous venom} sorcerous venom
fire / heat / lightning / acid / alkali {{green fire, cyan fire, green fire, and cyan fire}vitriolic plasma} vitriolic plasma
acid / eskara {{green-dark cyan-green-dark green sequence}eskaric acid} eskaric acid
fire / heat / lightning / chaos / light {{hyperrandom-streaked golden fire}destabilized solar plasma} destabilized solar plasma
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