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Blue can provide denaturalization services, which is removal of alterations which come by way of spiritual alterations that you can not normally remove. He requires sources of primal energy to perform it, and you can't choose which get removed. See Enas Yorl for a list of primal energy sources.

Denaturalization apparently works in that every artifact given can remove up to ten thousand skillxp worth of affinity skills, but on average favors lower numbers, around a thousand to five thousand. As such, if the affinities you wish to lose were ones you had a very high amount of, you will end up needing to give blue a rather significant amount of items, good luck!

List of Messages with corresponding Artifacts (incomplete):

-+>- This doesn't have primal energies in it. -<+-
Apinpanpupaka Aranal Cirdas Blackheart Deathkiss the Demonsword Dragon-helm of Dor-Lomin Euphoria Kephale Hardin's Gauntlet Illyana's Rage Jerica LLyr's Wrath Meepo's Aegis Mindcleaver Morvern Callar Nessavyn Praelyris Scorch Snapdragon Snarl Starburner Solace Soulshard Staff of the Lords The Amulet of Tzeen The Circlet of Clarity The Talisman of Kalkin Vigour
-+>- I know this is going to sound picky, but I need a *destructable* object with primal energies. This thing is indestructable. -<+-
Gresjevrek the Nevermelting Jaye's Mithril Staff of Ass-Beating The Ice Blade of Tarn
Your body is purged of dispositions which had become natural to it. (lowest skillxp reduction)
Alahamorithil Confabulous Panegyric Thingamabob of Ultamon Zilch Flower of Sperm Directed Onto Everything Ever Grayswandir Heavensfire Nightbringer Pestilent Crown Variabilis Werewindle also: Ringwielder rings
Your body is wrenched from its previous state to an older one. (low-medium skillxp reduction)
Athlasar Cristlun Grey Sickle Kalakridar Mournblade
Your body is nauseatingly wrenched to a more neutral state. (medium-high skillxp reduction)
The Winged Sandals of Hermes Tirithmangar
Your body is almost destroyed by a flux of massive self-adjustment. (highest skillxp reduction)
Ektharnor Gadel The Red Plate The Singularity Staff Yehovah's Hammer
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