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Blue can provide denaturalization services, which is removal of alterations which come by way of spiritual alterations that you can not normally remove. He requires sources of primal energy to perform it, and you can't choose which get removed. See Enas Yorl for a list of primal energy sources, as they seem to overlap.

Denaturalization apparently works in that every artifact given can remove up to ten thousand skillxp worth of affinity skills, but on average favors lower numbers, around a thousand to five thousand. As such, if the affinities you wish to lose were ones you had a very high amount of, you will end up needing to give blue a rather significant amount of items, good luck!

   You give Heavensfire to Blue with your left hand.
   Blue grins as he looks over Heavensfire.
   Blue roars, -+>- This is gonna be awesome! -<+- at you in Thari.
   Blue's eyes glow softly he stares at Heavensfire.
   Heavensfire bends for a moment, and then splinters and disintegrates.
   You are linned with primordial light.
   Your body is purged of dispositions which had become natural to it.
   You give a gray silver sickle to Blue with your right foreclaw.
   Blue grins as he looks over the gray silver sickle.
   Blue garbles, -+>- This is gonna be awesome! -<+- at you in Thari.
   Blue's eyes glow brightly he stares at the gray silver sickle.
   The gray silver sickle crackles and then burst suddenly into tiny pieces.
   You are washed in a powerful primordial light.
   Your body is wrenched from its previous state to an older one.
   You give Yehovah's Hammer to Blue with your left hand.
   Blue grins as he looks over Yehovah's Hammer.
   Blue exclaims, -+>- This is gonna be awesome! -<+- to you in Thari.
   Blue's eyes shine with intense, bizarre light he stares at Yehovah's Hammer.
   Yehovah's Hammer violetly erupts in a burst of pure golden flame.
   You are baptized in a halo of primal fire.
   Your body is almost destroyed by a flux of massive self-adjustment.

   "Ektharnor Gadel is also as powerful as Yehovah's Hammer, judging from the message.
   Alahamorithil has the 1st message (the weakest.)
   The Pestilent Crown also has the 1st message.
   The Confabulous Panegyric Thingamabob of Ultamon Zilch also has it.
   Cristlun has the second message.
   Variabilis has the first message.
   You can give RW rings to him, since they have 1% logos, and they have the first message too.
   The Singularity Staff has the third message.
   Mournblade has the 2nd message.
      [OOC Nemesys] anyone know the difference (if any) betweeen the two differnet msgs Blue gives when utilizing his 
                    Denaturalization process
     [OOC Fyriole] There are five different responses, it's based on how much primal the object contains.
     [OOC Nemesys] ahh ..
     [OOC Elronuan]  ^
     [OOC Nemesys] i´ve been farming the same few arties for a while so I guess i´m only seeing a subset .. 
     [OOC Xaolyn] oh hey, i learn something new every day
     [OOC Fyriole] If you're wondering, the Heavensfire message was the weakest one, Yehovah's Hammer message
                   was the strongest one.
    [OOC Fyriole] So you've got the three middle ones to see still :D
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