Dephlogisticate air (Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris spell)

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> Ordo Zephyrius Mutatoris Spell: Phlogeos

   Common Name: Dephlogisticate Air
   Knowledge Requirement: have at least 110 points among 100% of aeroturgy skill, 100% of chaoturgy skill, and 50% of symbology skill
   Summary: increase atmospheric combustibility

This strange spell attempts to absorb used phlogiston -- a sort of reified combustibility -- from the air. The effect of this is to make the air more amenable to further combustion by leaving more room for unused phlogiston. The upshot of all this is that attacks of various sorts that are heat-intensive will be greatly augmented. The room air will slowly reach a phlogiston equilibrium and the effect will wear off; this process is hastened by heat attacks, which evolve phlogiston back into the air rather rapidly. An interesting side effect of this spell is that one will end up with a handful of phlogiston. Beings with phlogiston glands often find that consuming the stuff directly accelerates the glandular replenishment process.

   1) speaking the winds
       Type: Speech
       Importance: minor, optional
       Difficulty: very easy
       Skills: Enochian (dominant) and vocalization (small)
   2) the opening of the way
       Type: Praxis
       Importance: minor, optional
       Difficulty: very easy
       Skills: thaumaturgy, evocation, and ergiphrasty
   3) perterbing the ambient phlogiston
       Type: Gesture
       Importance: greater
       Difficulty: hard
       Skills: aeroturgy (small), prestidigitation (small), evocation (small), chaoturgy (small), and pyraturgy (miniscule)
   4) condensing the phlogiston into one's grasp
       Type: Gesture
       Importance: major
       Difficulty: hard
       Skills: aeroturgy (moderate), evocation (moderate), chaoturgy (moderate), and equilibrium (tiny)

Development Information: This spell was created by Twilight and is maintained by Starhound; the source code was last updated Fri Oct 06 00:47:34 2017.

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