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  • Usage: devhelp <message>

  • This command is used to send a message to all online developers for the purpose of requesting help about game errors. State your error and if any devs are active someone will get back to you shortly.

  • Abuse of this channel will be treated harshly. Please be reasonably certain that you have encountered an error, rather than a natural consequence of the game, before using the devhelp channel.

  • Please do not use the devhelp channel to say things like, 'Any devs unidle?', 'Can anyone help me?', or similarly useless statements. _Describe the problem_. That way, response can be immediately picked up by the person most familiar with the source of the error, rather than someone else having to go through the process of extracting the actual problem from you and then relaying it to others. _Describing the problem_ also means that even if no one is available, people later can review the error and possibly correct it, rather than having nothing to go on but a cryptic question. Further, failure to describe your problem is something many developers, including the person writing this document, find intensely annoying.

  • You should use devhelp for something that immediately needs attention and is keeping you from playing the game. If it is something that does not give an error message, then use the bug command. For example, if you cannot get a shaper weapon to do something you think it should do, read the help files for shaper weapons a few times. If it still does not work, try the bug command or ask a friend. This is an example of something that does NOT need immediate attention by a developer, and is something that quite likely is already known. On the other hand, if you get an error message, most likely you should copy and paste the error message onto the devhelp channel.

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