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    Clothing Type: Diaphany
    Rarity: Exotic
    Plural: Diaphanies
    General Appearance: nebulous collection of filmy strips
    Characteristic Of: the Xotic culture
    Limbs Covered: any not already covered
    Worn: on your relevant limbs
    Coverage: 100%
    Face Coverage: 100%

    A diaphany is a collection of filmy strips of flexible material that float around the wearer,
providing protection while allowing freedom of motion.  Some form of animating magick is necessary
for a diaphany to function at all.  The only well-known usage of the type is in the paraquerloro,
protective devices favored by the Chaos Lords.
    Development Information: The diaphany armour type was created by Lost Souls; the source code
was last updated Tue Mar 21 22:40:38 2017.
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