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The Draenath Race:

   Rarity: Exotic
   Plural: Draenathim
   Anatomy: Winged Ophidian
   Sexes: Neuter
   Harm Skills:
       Elder Lore  80%
       Anatomy     20%
The draenathim are servitors of the lloigor Nyarlathotep, dwellers in the 
black emptiness in the far reaches of the Prime plane.  The thing has 
the shape of a great reddish-gray worm, skin rough and gnarled, with a 
pair of bat-like wings sprouting from it.  Its head, the most disturbing
feature of its physiognomy, has a mouth with great blackened fangs and 
round orange eyes whose pupils are horizontal slits.  Despite the alien 
weirdness of the eyes, the sense of seeking intelligence which they 
convey is unmistakable.  It has a webwork of sparkling light within and 
around it.

They also seem to be vulnerable to sunlight. Bring an umbrella.

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