Dream Affinity

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Class: Affinity Skills
Attribute: Willpower
Pedagogy: Spirit Alteration
Practitioner Term: Dream Affinite
Specialty Required: Degree II
Hidden Skill
This skill represents an infusion of oneiric energy, the substance of dreams, into one's essence, making one resistant to the
influence of such forces, potentially even to the point where exposure that would have been harmful is instead restorative.  The
dream affinite also can very slightly resist the overwhelming power of divine and primal energies.  However, the greater an affinity
for dream energies one develops, the more vulnerable one becomes to magickal, spiritual, goetic, and psionic energies.

Dream affinity can be increased by exposure to dream, divine will, or quintessence, as well as degraded by exposure to vril, magick,
theophany, or ectoplasm.


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