Dumb Ogre Brute vs Kazarilin Greatsword

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Your kazarilin greatsword blasts you with awesome power as a show of disrespect.

Your kazarilin greatsword flies into a  hurricane-like fury, with all of its rage directed at you.  
You watch in helpless awe as the kazarilin greatsword rends you limb from limb.
    Your head is amputated.
    Your something is torn from your grasp.
    You feel sadness as you cease to wield the mighty crystal blade.
    Your right arm and right hand are amputated.
    Your left arm and left hand are amputated.
    Your right leg and right foot are amputated.
    Your left leg and left foot are amputated.
    Something's something fall apart from excessive damage.
    Something's something are torn from it.
    You die.
    You feel yourself floating away from your body.
    You cannot see anything.
    You begin to float in the air.
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