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An exceedingly strong fabric created by the Drow, similar to the touch to silk, but lighter and far more suitable to protection. As with many Drowish magickal inventions, it has the property of decaying when exposed to sunlight.

Phase: Solid
Typical Color: Black
Rarity: Very Rare
Form: Cloth
Properties: Cloth, Flammable, Flexible, Heliocaustic, Organic, Slippery, Soft and Sturdy

Eislinzal is the sorcerous preparation of spidersilk often used by the drow, light and tough but subject to decay when exposed to sunlight.

Development Information: The eislinzal material was created by Chaos and Killer, who wish to credit Gary Gygax as inspiring this work; the source code was last updated Fri Apr 06 15:28:51 2007.

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