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     o   [ = Elglaur = ]
o   /      [ Type                    : ] enhancement
 \ /       [ Description             : ] phlogiston glands
  o        [ Significance            : ] high
   \       [ Activation Spirit Cost  : ] none
____o      [ Maintenance Spirit Cost : ] one every one minute and thirty seconds to two minutes and thirty seconds
           [ Control Skills          : ] four parts Alchemy, four parts Power Tuning, four parts Pyromancy,
                                         three parts Power Focusing,
                                         two parts Power Direction and two parts Power Generation
           [ Specialty Access        : ] Alchemy and Pyromancy degree I access and Eructation degree V access
           [ Requirements to Know    : ] have at least 100 points among
                                         100% of Rune lore skill,
                                         100% of Pyromancy skill,
                                         100% of Alchemy skill,
                                     and 20% of Arcane Lore
           [ Requirements to Use     : ] have at least 80 points among
                                         Pyromancy skill,
                                     and Alchemy skill

The rune elglaur causes one's Ring of Power, when worn, to magickally create an artificial set of organs in one's body, a pair of phlogiston glands and a tube-like organ used to deliver the phlogiston. This enables one to to breathe fire like a dragon (though most often on a smaller scale). Magickal guidance for the breath attack is also provided, increasing its accuracy with higher levels of control over the rune. As with dragon breath, infusions of energies in one's body can affect the phlogiston, changing the nature of the breath attack. Those already possessing a breath attack will find it enhanced, as the additional phlogiston glands make it possible to expel more phlogiston per attack, as well as receiving the benefits of the guidance enhancements mentioned.

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