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\_____/  [ = Elithban = ]
   |       [ Type                    : ] utility
   |       [ Description             : ] visualize area
___|       [ Significance            : ] trivial
|          [ Activity Cost           : ] fifteen
|          [ Activation Spirit Cost  : ] ten
|          [ Control Skills          : ] eight parts spatiophrasty,
|__|                                     four parts power direction,
                                         three parts power focusing, three parts power tuning,
                                     and one part power generation
           [ Specialty Access        : ] spatiophrasty and orienteering degree I access
           [ Requirements to Use     : ] global exploration percentage of 20 or higher

Activation of the rune elithban causes one's Ring of Power to mentally project a visual representation of one's surroundings, if such is applicable to one's present location.

Player notes

This is better than it sounds; it scales extremely well with high power control skills, even without spatiophrasty. A mapping radius of well over 30 squares is feasible, without putting in any extra specialties. In the absence of massive cartography investment, the range is likely to massively beat a panoramicon, at a tenth of the SP per invocation; all at the cost of one trivial rune.

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