Enchanter's Silver Athame

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     This is an athame made of silver.  The quality of its craftsmanship is exquisite.  Three
 violet amethyst gem runes are embedded within the blade, visible from either side.  Two of the
 runes are glowing.  You recognize it as an enchanter's athame, a magickal blade capable of being
 empowered by its wielder to produce devastating effects when used as a physical weapon, provided
 that the wielder is sufficiently skilled in enchantment.  In order to activate the athame's
 powers, concentrate on directing the flow of mana into it while holding or wielding it.  You are
 holding it.  
     It is in perfect condition.  
     It looks about a quarter of a dimin wide and four and a fifth dimins long.  It weighs about
 seventeen twentieths of a dekan.

(Modded enchantment, doesn't have to be spec 7-8 to get the third rune if you have a way of buffing it.)

1st rune: have enchantment intro'd.

2nd rune: have enchantment over 122.

3rd rune: have enchantment over 234.

1st rune: does esoteric damage types on the blade.

2nd rune: has a time/magic damage discharge.

3rd rune: discharge attack is labeled as Ring of Witch-Time. (time/magic/poison)

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