Energeia Kephale

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Upon wearing:

   You sense strange, esoteric forces flowing through your psyche, opening new
   energy channels and creating new potentials for arcane action.

   This is a circlet made of adamantium.  The quality of its craftsmanship is exquisite.  This is an energeia kephale, 
  an item that became popular with magi of Xintatlaa at the height of that civilization, but for which the enchantment 
  technique has been long lost.  Energon kephalai afford their bearers a certain procedural knowledge of esoteric energy 
  channels, allowing them to execute simple but effective telesmatic attacks as a matter of course.  They are not 
  particularly energetically efficient, requiring fairly large amounts of spiritual energy for their effect.  They were 
  popular more as an easy means of magickal self-defense than a studied or refined technique for prolonged or repeated 
  combat engagement.  Despite this, they are still often sought after by those who need access to unusual types of energy: 
  the circlets were occasionally constructed by a mage who desired a unique effect as a sort of flourish or signature.  
  This required enchanting the device with flashy, difficult-to-generate energies, and these energies are often incidentally 
  quite useful when faced with beings not harmed by moremundane effects.  The inside of the circlet is inscribed with stylized 
  versions of three letters: gamma, omicron, and epsilon.  It is permeated by a dim auroric radiance.  You estimate its value 
  at about two thousand seven hundred gold.  You are wearing it.
   It is in perfect condition.
   It is enormous in size, and looks just about right to fit you.  It looks abo
   ut a twentieth of a dimin across and one and three fifths dimins around.  
  It weighs about three two-hundredths of a dekan.

It added a "Gout of Fire" attack with 25 activity.

   You gesture with your forefingers crossed, and a gout of fire surges toward
   bill, connects skillfully and singes his head.
   Bill dies.

The attacks granted are random and unique to the circlet itself.

Circlet Types w/ Activity

gamma, omicron, and epsilon - Gout of Fire (25)
heta, omicron, rho, and alpha - Ball of Spiked Solid Venom (28)  
gamma, omicron, epsilon, and nu - Hail of Explosive Solid Ectoplasm (29)
gamma, omicron, and epsilon - Pulse of Hierophany (30)
mu, alpha, and gamma - Bolt of Magick (34)
tau, heta, rho, and alpha - Burst of Theurgic Razordarts (34)
kappa, rho, gamma, and heta - Chunk of Crushing Ghostblades (36)
epsilon, nu, and tau - Tendril of Entropy (38)
epsilon, chi, phi, and lambda - Gout of Explosive Flame (22)
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