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first: Pie

Eowyn got her start being show around in the days of Butterfly and Shank, when the Tower of Fugula existed (and was removed not long after she started). Death was harsh and easy to have happen. Someone skinned her some armour, gave her some shadow daggers or psi knives, and there she went.

I believe Eowyn entered the Kazarak the old fashioned way; she was tricked into it, because her atman didn't know that the weird pillar did.

Kazarak had tiny powers -- blinding, a simple haste, and an ok damage attack. She made it to hero and then somethere near level 70 when the guild was revamped and several people went crazy, legending Amberites as Kazarak in days and such. Wild!

Eowyn likes to caper about, and has sported a frozen, cyan smirk since her earilest days. She always willing to try to be helpful, and you'll find her offering up goodies she runs across or answer questions. She has always tried to learn all of every single skill she's ever come across, even if it was relatively pointless (like hydromancy?).

Random notes:

  • Eowyn was 6 feet tall at one point, but with some changes she ended up as a middle sided faerie.
  • Especially in the old days, the ability to cause blindess (and even now, drain sense) is one of the Kazarak's least obvious but best attacks.
  • Eowyn used to have a nigh-divine attack rating with shadow daggers. Mmm.. stealthy.
  • Eowyn's been married, and bonded, and in adventuring companies, and in several assocations that don't exist any more (Guardians, Ameterasu), and more! --like guild + association combinations that have over time been made invalid and so on. She even had wild talents (oo). Her data file must look like a real mess by now.
  • She was one of the largest contributors of in-player gold to the Ivory Tower.
  • Eowyn is older than the glimmer of the idea that any movies about a certain series of books would be turned into motion pictures.

I'm proud to say that for as old as Eowyn is, all her advancements (and deaths) have been relatively hard won. No donations, no crazy tricks, and even through many changes as the game has advanced she's been able to re-Legend and keep up with players built for more raw power and all-around killyness.

Finding a weapon she could hold, and protecting her tinyness were two of the bigger things to get under control after some changes were put in place!

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