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-|---- Equipment

 Once you attain fifth level, you will begin to gain access to the
 equipment King Arthur has had crafted for his Knights.  These
 weapons and armour may not be sold, and may only be dropped
 in the armoury.  Companions of the Round Table may order the
 armoury to be resupplied (with the 'restock armoury' command).
 This will cost spirit, however, and there is a limit to how
 frequently it can be restocked.
 The equipment available to you is dependant upon your level.  At
 first you will only have access to the least of the weapons, but
 as you advance, you will be allowed weapons and armour of greater
 potency.  Use of sanctified greatweapons is reserved for those
 of hero status or higher.  A inventory list in the armoury will
 give you a list of the equipment you are worthy to use, as well
 items that should be available to you in the near future.
 Though not always enchanted, the shields King Arthur has provided
 you are of special construction, which is explained by reading
 'help shields'.
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