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Exploring the world of Lost Souls is one of the ways your character gains experience. Periodically, as you make your way through an area, you will receive messages about how much of the area you have explored. These messages are accompanied by experience point awards.

Your character's homeland -- in your case, Amber -- is where he grew up, and so is already considered fully explored when you start the game. Because of this, you do not receive experience for exploring your homeland.

The experience you get for exploring is scaled to your level: the higher level you are, the more experience you receive from exploring. Experience from exploration is not divided with your group, adventuring company, or followers.

You are considered to have explored a room when you have been physically present in it; looking into it does not count, nor does scrying it.

You will receive experience at various stages of your progress in exploring an area. Reaching the point where you have completely explored the area is worth considerably more experience than any of the previous steps (about as much as five of them).

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