Fallen Blood of Chaos

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Fallen Blood of Chaos is DEAD! R.I.P.

It isn't here anymore. Don't bother looking for it in-game.

Fallen Blood of Chaos

The Fallen Blood of Chaos are an intrepid group of individuals who have forsaken the ways of chaos in favor of law. The lords of chaos have branded each member of the fallen with a blood drop scar on their cheek. The color of the scar is everchanging and serves as a reminder of the fallen's betrayal of chaos. For the fallen, this mark is seen as a gift. A sign that they have at last been separated from the crazed deities they once had revered. The gods of law which include; Tyr, Torm and Mithras, eagerly accept the fallen into their arms. Along with sanctuary from the wrath of the chaos lords, they grant the fallen unique powers for their allegiance, yet exact a strict moral code.

Fallen Powers

The lords of order and justice grant a special boon to the fallen. They give the fallen the ability to invoke their names in protection. The gods of law will also eagerly accept the destruction of chaotic constructs. As a special gift to the fallen, the gods of law are known to increase their mental prowess, so that the fallen are everyready to combat chaos.

invoke - This ability allows the fallen to call upon the gods of law for protection. Syntax: invoke protection.

release - This allows the fallen to release the protection provided by the gods of law. Syntax: release protection.

destroy - The gods of order allow the fallen to destroy chaotic creations in their name. Syntax: destroy <item>

fallen - Allows communication with other members of the fallen.


Even though the gods of law grant great favor upon the fallen, they exact terrible punishment against those who stray back to the path of chaos. So the fallen must be ever vigilant to keep their virtues toward the call of the righteous. The nature of the fallen prohibits association amidst the ranks of the chaotic, including the use of their creations. Only through strict control of ones ethics may chaos one day be driven from the world.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Aura of Protection

This blue aura does a couple of things.

  • Buffs force, cutting, stabbing, and crushing resistances.
  • Increases its buff maximum based on order favour.
  • Drains large amounts of SPs (I remember it being 100, but may have changed) per irregular tick.

Specialty Details

			[min..]max	attribute
Chaos Resistance	1..+10		Willpower
Law			1.. +3		Intelligence
Order Affinity		1..+10		Willpower
Carousing		<=1
Courage			 +1
Discipline		 +1
Erisian			<=0
Nilasnai		+10
Subordination		 +1
End of spoiler information.
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